Arboriculture Research and Information Notes
(Earlier Research Notes are available on request)
The horse chestnut scale : a pest of town trees, by D Wainhouse
123/94 Wood chips as mulch or soil amendment, by J F Webber & C M Gee
124/94 The Asian strain of gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar: A significant threat to trees, by T G Winter & H F Evans
125/94 Cold storage of broadleaved nursery stock, by G Kerr & C Harper
126/94 Assessing the quality of broadleaved nursery stock, by G Kerr & C Harper
127/94 The role of tree mechanics in hazard tree evaluation, by D Lonsdale
128/95 Comparison of cell-grown and barerooted broadleaved nursery stock for amenity and forest planting, by G Kerr & R Jinks
130/95 Tree root systems, by M Dobson
131/95 The management of ancient pollarded trees, by D Lonsdale
132/96 Ozone effects on trees, by J N B Bell
134/96 Forces exerted by tree roots, by R D MacLeod & W J Cram
135/96 The improvement of urban air quality by trees, by P H Freer-Smith & M S J Broadmeadow
137/97 Tree age assessment, by S R Abbott, R W Matthews & J M Methley
138/97 Street tree root architecture and pavement damage, by B C Nicoll & A Armstrong
139/97 Sensitivity of broadleaved trees to desiccation and rough handling between lifting and transplanting, by C McEvoy & H McKay
141/98 Barriers against tree roots - an experimental investigation, by A J Moffat, N A D Bending & M C Dobson
142/98 Tree roots and foundations, by P G Biddle
143/98 Deflection of tree roots by rigid barriers, by B C Nicoll & M P Coutts
144/98 Detection of decay in trees, by J A Dolwin, D Lonsdale & J Barnett
145/98 Trees, shelter and energy conservation, by D Patch
146/98 The effect of trees on television reception, by BBC Reception Advice, ITC Engineering Policy Departments & The Confederation of Aerial Industries
147/98 The health of non-woodland trees in England in 1998, by J N Gibbs, G A MacAskill, D Lonsdale, D R Rose & C A Tilbury
148/99 Control of tree growth in the urban environment using geotextile fabric bags, by R A Edwards, R N Rowe & M C T Trought
149/99 A sound deterrent for mammals? by N Bennett
150/00 Japanese Knotweed in Amenity Areas by L Child
151/00 Fireblight of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs by RG Strouts & D Patch